Rep. Cisneros Delivers a One-Minute Speech on Gun Violence Prevention

June 5, 2019
Press Release

**Watch Rep. Cisneros deliver his one-minute speech on gun violence prevention here: (Link)**

WASHINGTON, D.C. – This week, Congressman Gilbert R. Cisneros, Jr. (CA-39) delivered a one-minute speech at the start of Gun Violence Prevention Awareness week.

Rep. Cisneros is a member of the House Gun Violence Prevention Taskforce and member of both the House Committee on Armed Services and Veterans’ Affairs. He cosponsored and introduced H.R. 8, the Bipartisan Background Checks Act of 2019, with his congressional colleagues. The bill passed the House on a bipartisan basis and has been referred to the Senate.

Below is the one-minute speech as delivered:

“This past Wednesday, I met with group of high school students from my district who started a local March for Our Lives chapter to talk about the gun epidemic in our country.  Then two days later, we had another mass shooting in Virginia Beach. According to the Mass Shooting Tracker website, there have been over 181 mass shootings in the United States this year with over 200 victims losing their lives. 

“I am proud that the we finally passed common sense gun legislation in this house that expanded background checks, which is something over 90% of the American people wanted. But we need to do more. 

“The shooter in Virginia Beach used both a silencer and a high capacity magazine. We need legislation that will outlaw those two items as well as automatic rifles. We need to allow the Center for Disease Control to study the gun epidemic in our country so that we can find a solution. 

“But it is not just mass shooting that we need to address. Over two thirds of all gun deaths in the United States are a result of suicide and the numbers are rising. Over 20 Veterans a day are committing suicide. We must also study firearm suicide and how it relates to mental health and how we can limit firearm access to those that are suffering.   

“We have a problem in our country and it is not just going to go away. Now is the time for action. Too many lives are at stake.”