Rep. Cisneros Announces Over $50,000 in Coronavirus Response Funding for Korean Community Services

March 30, 2020
Press Release

FULLERTON, CA - Today, Representative Gilbert R. Cisneros, Jr. (CA-39) announced a $52,764 grant in coronavirus response supplemental funding for Korean Community Services, Inc. The grant comes from the Department of Health & Human Services and is appropriated by Congress through the FY 2020 Coronavirus Supplemental Funding for Health Centers. Rep. Cisneros advocated and voted for funding for health centers in the first coronavirus response bill. To view the grant, click here

“Our health centers are working around the clock to help our most vulnerable residents during the coronavirus epidemic,” said Rep. Cisneros. “With every coronavirus response bill that comes to the House floor, I’m fighting to ensure those on the frontlines have the resources and funding they need. California’s 39th District is grateful to have multiple health centers in the community, especially Korean Community Services, whose outreach to our Korean Americans bridges information and language gaps. I’m committed to supporting our health centers and healthcare workers throughout this crisis.”

“As a safety-net community health center in North Orange County, we see ourselves as shock absorbers to the stress hospitals face in the coming weeks/months. Our role is to triage, screen, possibly test and continue primary care and behavioral health services so our community, especially the most vulnerable, has continued access to healthcare. We keep non-COVID-19 affected patients out of the ER,” Ellen Ahn, Korean Community Services Executive Director. “Our patients are uninsured and low-income and will be disproportionately affected by the public health crisis we face. If anything, there will be more in our community who will lose their jobs and their healthcare benefits. Keeping our doors open through the emergency coronavirus funding bill was essential for those most distressed and we are truly grateful.”

On March 4th, Rep. Cisneros voted for the $8.3 billion coronavirus emergency funding, which included nearly $1 billion for procurement of pharmaceuticals and medical supplies to support healthcare preparedness and Community Health Centers and to improve medical surge capacity.

On February 28th, Rep. Cisneros sent a bipartisan letter to House and Senate leadership requesting comprehensive supplemental funding to address the coronavirus disease.