CA Lawmakers React to Reports that Iranian Missile Downed Jet

February 4, 2020
In The News

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Iranian officials are denying claims that they mistakenly shot down a Ukrainian passenger jet carrying at least 63 Canadians, and are accusing the United States of “spreading lies.”

The crash happened early Wednesday morning, soon after the Iranian government launched a series of ballistic missiles on Iraqi military bases that housed U.S. troops.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said there is evidence across several intelligence agencies that indicates an Iranian missile downed the jetliner, and that the strike “may have been unintentional.” Trudeau said he needed answers as soon as possible so the families affected can have some sense of justice.

Norwalk Democrat Linda Sanchez said the fact that the investigation is ongoing just further proves the president should have shown restraint initially and sought approval from Congress before ordering airstrikes that could lead to war.

“I think it’s further testament that the president acts emotionally and irrationally, hastily and that, that puts us at further risk of loss of life,” said Sanchez.

Members of Congress, like Fullerton Democrat Rep. Gil Cisneros, are hoping to hear more details about this investigation.

“That’s a horrible tragedy if that’s what happened,” said Cisneros. “I’m still waiting to get the information on that. I know it’s what’s kind of circulating now around the news right now but I haven’t received any official reports on that but it really is a really devastating tragedy.”

President Trump had also said he had his own suspicions about the crash, but on Friday Iranian officials are rebuffing the allegations that they accidentally shot down the aircraft. The Iranian Ambassador to the UK is urging the west to stop politicizing the inquiry into the plane crash saying it could cause more pain for the families affected.

This comes after Iran launched ballistic missiles to Iraqi military bases housing U.S troops, which followed the U.S.'s airstrike that killed a top Iranian general.

The majority of Democrats saying the President should not have ordered the airstrike without their approval. The House voted Thursday to pass a non-binding war powers resolution to limit the president’s military actions regarding Iran. Three Republicans voted with Democrats, and eight Democrats voted against the measure.

The Senate could take a vote on it, as early as next week, and it’s not expected to get enough support from Republicans to pass.