February 22, 2019 - Legislative and District Update

March 6, 2019

February 22, 2019

Dear Friend,

A lot has happened in the last two months since I took office and I wanted to update you on everything that has been going on in Washington, D.C. and in the 39th District. As I make progress through my time in Congress as your Representative, it would be helpful to get your input on the issues that affect you the most.

Whether that is through holding town halls, meeting with community groups, or speaking with you directly - the best way I can serve you is by hearing from you.

Please take this one-question survey to let me know what issues are most of concern to you and your family. 

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I am humbled to serve you in Congress.


Gilbert R. Cisneros, Jr.

Member of Congress

Legislative Update

Getting to work in my finalized committee assignments.

I am excited to announce that I will be part of the House Armed Services Committee (HASC) and the House Veterans Affairs Committee. On HASC I am also on the subcommittee on Seapower and Projection Forces, as well as the subcommittee on Military Personnel. 

On the House Veterans Affairs Committee, I am also serving on the subcommittees on Disability Assistance and Memorial Affairs and Oversight and Investigations, as well as the subcommittee on Health, which has oversight on VA hospitals. 

As a Navy Veteran, I remain committed to ensuring that our Veterans are supported when they return to civilian life and ensure that their benefits are accessible to them. I am honored and humbled to be representing our service members and Veterans in the 39th district in this capacity.

Keeping the government open and the President accountable.

Last week, I supported the bipartisan spending agreement that would keep the government open until the end of the fiscal year and prevent another partisan and political shutdown. Ensuring our government employees and their families are taken care of and our government remains open is of utmost importance for the safety and well-being of all Americans. 

I have also joined my colleagues on Congressman Castro’s joint resolution of disapproval against the national emergency declaration. This declaration could take billions of dollars of disaster-relief aid from families looking to rebuild in California and Puerto Rico, endanger both military construction projects and our military readiness, and prevent infrastructure projects from moving forward across the country. I fully support this bill, in accordance with the process described in the National Emergencies Act, to hold the Administration accountable and terminate his emergency declaration.

New legislation to ensure our democracy works for the people.

When I took office, I cosponsored H.R. 1, the first bill introduced by the Democratic caucus, which would improve federal ethics laws to fight special interests, fix our broken campaign finance system to get big money out of politics, and make other improvements to strengthen our democracy.

This important bill includes legislation that will help put an end to special interest money by creating more transparency, closing loopholes that protect lobbyists, and fighting back against the Citizens United decision.

High participation in our democracy translates to representation that better reflects the needs and challenges of the people. Same-day voter registration lowers barriers to voting, which has proven to increase voter participation.

Working to ensure Veteran families are supported.

My colleague Congresswoman Julia Brownley introduced H.R. 840, the Veterans’ Access to Child Care Act which will expand child care services to our Veterans that use their benefits but also need ways to take care of their children.

This important bill also includes two bipartisan amendments that I authored to direct the Department of Veterans Affairs to conduct a child care feasibility study in areas where VA hospitals are too far away. The other amendment would expand physical therapy coverage in VA hospitals and clinics.

These critical components will help Veterans who do not live near a VA hospital or is difficult to get to one in a timely manner. The legislation passed the House of Representatives and will be considered by the Senate.

District Update

Meeting with our community leaders.

During my first month in office, my priority has been to meet with our district cities and local elected officials to ensure that the 39th understands my commitment to being their voice in Washington, D.C. Since taking office, I have met with every city’s leadership team and have listened to their issues, concerns, and challenges.

Welcome to your district office.

This past weekend we welcomed our constituents to their district office in Fullerton, CA. Other than seeing my staff at events in the community, they host a number of services that include: Contacting federal agencies on your behalf, helping students apply for our various military academies, and awarding Congressional Commendations to our constituents. We are planning to open additional district offices in Los Angeles and San Bernardino county soon, so stay tuned. We look forward to serving you.

Hosting district events.

It was a pleasure to host not only my first Town Hall a couple weeks ago, but the first one in eight years for the 39th district. I was able to hear to from my constituents to discuss the most recent shut down, climate change, healthcare, education, and immigration. I look forward to hosting more events and meet and greet opportunities in the near future to give you the representation you deserve.

Also a couple weekends ago, I had my community swearing-in ceremony at CSU Fullerton, it was a great event to kickoff my legislative term and show the community that we are ready to roll up our sleeves and get to work for the 39th district.